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June 24 2017

June 23 2017

Portrait Photography Makes A Point Always, Because…

...It clearly “portrays” the personality of the person. Truly inspiring photographs were shot even when there wasn’t enough photography lighting, accessories or equipment. Renowned photographers like Dorothea Lange, Yousuf Karsh and many others showcased their prowess in B&W photography by capturing photos of world famous personalities. Their technique, finesse, angle selection was inexplicable, something which cannot be replicated so easily.

Modern photographers, though have a different approach in shooting portraits. It would be unfair if we compare the photographers of this age with those of previous millennia. As technologies took over, the method of portrait photography London found several nuances, unique for each photographer. Engrossed with the perfection on display, people admire such masterpieces for a long period. Many have won accolades due to this.

The beauty of specialist photographer’s skills is that they comprehend their subjects and bring even subtle expressions in a vivid manner. Gone are those days when reels were used in cameras, which limited snapping capabilities, yet various stalwarts displayed their love of the profession by exhibiting seamless photography skills.

For the actors or wannabe actors, who search for a photographer for a perfect portfolio, need to inspect the skills of that person. As it happens, not everyone gets along with everyone. And seriously, its utter professionalism that meets the eye. For someone who is too much obsessed with getting actors headshots must approach the best in the business. Evaluating only the photographer’s portfolio won’t do enough. A customer must find compatibility with the photography professional in order to get the best photos. It has the capability to make or break a person’s career.
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This is a picture from the Curiosity Rover on Mars showing Earth from the Perspective of Mars. You are literally looking at your home from the Perspective of another planet. Epic times indeed

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nothing is permanent, the art of letting go

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following back everyone, new blog with only 35 followers x

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"Wszystko, co idealne, zjawia się w tym życiu tylko na moment, albo raczej wcale się nie zjawia, lecz zostaje po czasie ulepione z okruchów, przemyślnie wybranych spomiędzy tego, z czego dałoby się ułożyć zupełnie inny wzór".

J. Sosnowski, Sen sów

Nie możesz w związku kalkulować "za" i "przeciw". Miłość to nie matematyka. Jest uczuciem, które łączy dwie dusze, patrzące w tym samym kierunku. To oaza szczęścia i spokoju, w której dwie połowy często całkiem innego owocu, tworzą jedną drużynę, stojącą naprzeciw wszystkiemu - ramię w ramię.
— Michał Kellen
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" - A skad pan wie, czy ktos kocha czy nie? Po czym to poznaje? - Po deszczu. Jezeli sie budze i pada deszcz, a ja mowie: 'Nic to, ze pada' - to znaczy, ze jestem zakochany." 
~ Jaroslaw Borszewicz
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